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At Populo Marketing, we are specialists in the search marketing sector, and we know exactly how to make the internet work for you.

One of the most powerful modern-day marketing tools around, it can be used to transform your business and boost your sales to deliver unmatched commercial success.

Instead of set seo plans and services, we tailor it to suit your business.

That’s why we can really start seo services from just £50 +vat per month, though realisitically you are likely to need more time from us each month.


When you contact us with collaboration in mind, you’ll soon discover that we don’t do things like everybody else.

Although we’re experts in our field, you’re the expert on your business, and that’s why we’ll make sure you’re involved every step of the way.

We’ll talk to you throughout the search marketing process, to ensure that we know your company inside out before we try to turn it around, so that once we start, we understand exactly what sort of services will most benefit you and appeal to your clientèle.

This means that the product we deliver will be perfectly tailored to your business, with our expert team having spent as long as is necessary talking to you, researching your company and competitors, and creating a package that works.


The whole purpose of seo work is to ensure you rank highly for relevant keywords on google.

We can organically increase both the quantity and quality of traffic to your website, benefiting you in more ways than you can imagine. Our aim is to build a long-lasting campaign that has you ranking for all your major keywords.

This includes keyword research, on page seo, citations, backlinks, blog writing, optimisation and lots more.

To us, ranking is more than just seo, it involves looking at your whole marketing to see how it can improve.

Inherently powerful websites can see results in as quickly as 60 days. Entirely new websites may take longer to see a significant number of terms appear in the first page and the top 3 positions.

Some features

Search marketing involves many different aspects. We usually report improvements within 2-3 months., however we recommend a campaign of at least a year to see real differences.

We do not  sign you to any long term contract. However, a 3 or 4 month campaign will not generate the kind of success we would be looking for.

Site Audit

Extensive pre-campaign site audit and keyword research, grouping, and mapping.

On Page

On-page optimization, tags, headers, meta data, images, and URLs, among others.


Content plays an extensive part in your success in organic search and we help you with that.


We will research the terms people are using to find your business online. 

Competition Research

Knowing what keywords your cometitors rank for is important.

Google analytics

One of the first things we’ll do is make sure analytics is set up.


We can create engaging and compelling content that is genuinely useful 

Link Building

This is still a vital part in developing and boosting your rankings and domain authority.

local seo

We’ll optimise your Google My Business listings and your website’s local content.

For your Online Marketing

Keep track of customers

Use our all in one dashboard to keep track of visitors, social media stats, rankings, competitors, email marketing, website issues, audits, ppc, seo and much more


Promote via Ads

Pay per click, Google, Instagram, Facebook and remarketing ads can all help promote your business to the right audience. We can help with that


Get Social

Soical Media marketing is more than just adding a post. You need to engage and get social. Design, create, post, comment, like, follow, reply and gow your activity


We can help with your online marketing in different ways and you can contact us via email, form, chat or phone.

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